View responsive Website designs created for some of our clients in the USA and Nederland!

I have worked on over 400 USA Websites as a copywriter contractor for Spotzer Media Amsterdam. I also work for myself as a freelance Web designer Web administrator. Below are a few of my recent clients. Each of these unique small business Website designs have been created with WordPress and after completion, a detailed instruction manual created for the owner. As you can see, WordPress themes can be customized and designed in a wide variety of ways to fit any individual or small business Website. I offer flexibility and low prices. You choose your hosting provider, you choose your WordPress theme, colors, pictures, fonts and layout that work best for your small business Website. Leave the rest to me.

Non-Profit organizations

American Women’s Club The Haguewww.awcthehague.org
This is a non-profit Women’s organization in Den Haag, run completely by volunteers. I have been a volunteer Webmaster for this organization since 2008. This website over the years has been transformed from a CSS/HTML site, to a PHP and now is a WordPress site. New features are being added regularly for the club.

Red White & Blue Galawww.redwhiteandbluegala.com This generous women’s group in The Hague called the AWC needed a simple Website for their annual Gala in a timely manner, so that they could start selling tickets ASAP. I donated my time as a volunteer Webmaster and had it ready for them in less than 5 days.

The Red Panda Network – San Franciscoredpandanetwork.org
I’m a volunteer Webmaster for this lovely organization that helps Red Pandas. I help them update their WordPress web site with new text and photos, as needed. I’ve been working with them since May 2016.

Sleutelen met Jongerenwww.sleutelenmetjongeren.nl The SLJ is a local non-profit organization helping youths gain skills in auto repair and prepare them for the workforce with hands-on experience. As their volunteer webmaster, I helped them update their old WordPress Website into a new mobile friendly, SEO friendly website, with the similar previous design.

SPOSA Childwww.sposachild.com They had a very old, non-mobile friendly Website for their non-profit organization. I renovated it into a new website that is colorful, easy-to-use, multi-device friendly, and SEO. It also has an online contact form. The results turned out fantastic.

Small Businesses

Adviesstudio Leila ter Haarwww.adviesstudio.com
Adviesstudio Leila ter Haar in The Hague can help you with color advice, interior design and provide helpful advice on keeping yourself organized.

Alexander Techniek Wendelien Verbeekwww.alexandertechniek.eu
Wendelien Verbeek is a NLP practitioner and is a certified life/personal coach. She teaches the Alexander Technique to people of all ages in Den Haag and surrounding areas in Zuid Holland.

ASPA DIrect www.aspadirect.nl
They are a full service beauty salon and Spa in The Hague. I re-created and re-formated their old Joomla Website site that was not mobile friendly into a new, mobile friendly, user friendly, SEO WordPress Website.

AVC – Hét Audio-Visueel Centrum in Den Haagavcdenhaag.nl
AVC is a local business in Den Haag available to repair all of your electronics and household appliances. We used them for our TV and washing machine repairs and the service was A+. AVC had an old Website that needed to be re-created with new text in English and Dutch, new photos and made multi-device responsive. This work was completed and we added a new FaceBook business page too.

Dietisten Praktijk Vitaalwww.Dietistenpraktijkvitaal.nl
This individual is a dietitian in Den Haag. She has her own clinic and also works in the hospital. I helped her set up a website as her digital business card.

This individual is a research analyst in Den Haag specializing in immigration to Europe. I helped her set up a WordPress website. Her plans are to have it in 3 languages and to add more content as her business grows.

We set-up a new mobile friendly Website for this Dutch company that specializes in importing new and used cars to The Netherlands. One can save money by using Importus to purchase their next vehicle for them from outside of the country and have it imported to The Netherlands. This is a prime example of my ability to set up a website set up for a small business owner and hand over the reins to them to self-maintain / self manage. After I was done with the setup, I wrote up a detailed instruction manual in English/Dutch for him to make future updates. He relies on me only for occasional support.

Julie’s American Cookieswww.juliesamericancookies.com
Online cookie shop in Den Haag supplying cookies for cafes, snack shops, coffee vendors, parties, and events. The Website store is connected between the WordPress Website and the FaceBook page.

Laurent’s Blogwww.llblog.nl
Mr. Stokvis requested setup assistance for his new blog web site. Juewels Website Design helped him set up a simple, user-friendly, mobile-friendly, 2-language WordPress website space for his personal blog.

Link to Spainwww.LinkToSpain.com
This individual offers Spanish lessons, cultural training and translation for businesses and individuals in Zuid Holland – The Netherlands. This SEO, user friendly WordPress website serves as her digital business card.

Orange Gloss Stylingwww.orangegloss.com Orange Gloss Styling provides property styling and home makeovers for businesses and individuals. They can help you choose color schemes and materials and redesign the layout of your furniture.

Pasadena City College – Health Scienceswww.pasadena.edu/divisions/health-sciences
As their Web content manager, I was contracted for 3 months to help update their Webpages with new text, docs, pdfs and pictures, while keeping the pages in tack with their existing college Website style sheet requirements.

Perfect Pastrywww.PerfectPastry.nl
This Website is for a talented pasty chef who has her business in (Scheveningen) The Hague. We redesigned her old WordPress Website into a new, multi-device friendly, SEO WordPress Website. We transfered all of her images and recreated the text pages to be more Search engine friendly.

New Website Sevenbirds www.sevenbirds.eu
Dagmar wanted a new look & feel. I updated her Website with a new WordPress theme and gave it some updated features.

Tressies Hair Extensionswww.TressiesHairExtensions.nl
This is an online Webshop for imported colored hair extensions. One can order online and view a video on how they work.

Wolgang Friess Consultingwww.superhappysuperrichsuperfree.com
I worked with Wolfgang to create this inspirational website as central point for clients to connect with him. One can order his book, learn about his upcoming worldwide business seminars, and read his blog. Plus you can sign up for his newsletter.

Clubs and Group Organizations

California Association of Dental Assisting Teachers is the official website of the Association for news and information regarding dental assisting education in California. I helped them find an affordable Web hosting company and re-created their old OSCommerce Website site into a new, mobile friendly, user friendly, SEO WordPress Website. They will be adding new membership and newsletter features in the future.

International Women’s Contact The Haguewww.iwcthehague.nl
I replaced their old Website with a new, mobile friendly, responsive, WordPress Website for their non-profit women’s group. They offer a welcoming place for all international women to come together in The Hague – The Netherlands. The Website was designed so that their group can manage the general updates themselves.

Petroleum Women’s Club – PWC The Hagues – www.pwc-thehague.com I took their old WordPress site and turned it into a new, user-friendly, mobile-friendly, responsive, SEO Website with an online membership form and gallery. All of which can be self-maintained by their group.