SEO Website suggestions

Helpful Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Website suggestions

If you would like Google and other search engines to recognize your Website and place it higher in search engine results, then it needs to be search engine optimized. Follow these suggestions and it will help bring your Website higher in rank. Here are a few tips to follow:

Alt tags – All images on your Website should have alt tags, preferably using your keywords to describe the photo.

Contact info – Your business address and phone number should be visible on each page.

Code errors – Correct any HTML or other code errors. Run an error checker on it or look at your Google Webmaster account for suggestions on errors it has found, including broken links.

Domain name – Your domain name should have your business name in it or keywords, and should not be too long. Use of dashes and underscores are not recommended.

External links – Link to other relevant Websites and request that they link back to you, if possible.

Fresh content – Keep your Webpages fresh with current, up-to-date content.

Flash usage – Avoid using Adobe Flash for your home page and other parts of your Website with important information. Although Flash can be flashy, if it doesn’t work then you will lose a customer.

Header tags – Use header tags (H1, H2, H3) on your pages. Be sure to add your page keyword and other keywords within the header tags when possible

Links – Both internal and external links should have a title.

META description – Each page should have a description with your page keyword, location, phone number, company name and a call to action. Use 155 characters or less.

Sitemap – Create a sitemap and add it to Google Webmaster Tools.

Spelling – Spell-check your content.

Submit your Website – Submit your Website to the major search engines. Don’t wait for them to find you. There are many free tools online or you can manually do it yourself.

Unique title – Each Webpage on your Website should have a unique title with a maximum of 70 characters and preferably with your page keyword included.

Word count – Your Webpages should have at least 250 words. Sub-titles should have the page keyword or a similar word included. Location of your business or general city is also good to have on the page.