What’s the difference between a WordPress Post and a WordPress Page?

As a WordPress website owner it’s important to know the difference between Posts and Pages, which to use and when. Although they have similar fields in the WordPress dashboard and editing areas, they are created and used for different reasons.

WordPress Posts vs Pages


If your Website is a blog site or has a blog on it, then posts are what you will use to post chronologically ordered content (blog posts). As you write and add more posts to your Website, they are archived based on the month and year created. They can also be organized based on categories and tags, so that people can search for previously posted content on your website. Posts can also have a field added for inviting comments from your readers.
Blog Post comment area box

On a Blog site, many times you will find the latest Posts on the front page. Or if its a Website with a Blog, the posts will be found on the Blog page. In both cases, posts are added to these areas automatically as new content is posted.

If you would like your users, followers or customers to be notified about new posts on your Website, this can be done via an RSS feed. Because WordPress posts are published with a time-stamp and date, they are syndicated through an RSS feed. Each WordPress Website has an RSS feed option found here: https://www.yourwebsite.com/feed/. This means you can create a daily, weekly, monthly newsletter for your Website audience to subscribe to. Automatic broadcasts, member lists and newsletter sign up forms can be created and used with an e-mail marketing service such as MailChimp.com for free.

Newsletter subscription form


Pages are typically filled with static information on your Website. For example, your About us, Contact or legal pages. These pages are timeless entries and don’t expire. They typically have content on them that is for general information and are not something written waiting for a comment. Since there is no timestamp, they are not included in your RSS feeds. Your subscribers do not get notified if you update a page on your WordPress website.

I hope this information has helped explain the difference between WordPress Posts and WordPress Pages. Should you have any further questions or need help setting up your blog post RSS feed with MailChimp, please contact me. I’ll be happy to help you connect your Website posts RSS Feed with MailChimp. Also, I can help you set up your mailing list and get the subscription form placed on your Website.