Green Geeks Easy WordPress setup

Adding and setting up WordPress on your website couldn’t get easier than with with GreenGeeks Webhosting company.

Why use WordPress as your content management system (CMS)?
Wordpress is a platform that allows all people (beginners – advanced) to build amazing websites without knowing how to program in HTML or PHP. It’s easy to use and is always being updated with new features (plugins & themes) from developers worldwide. This means you will always have the most up-to-date CMS running your website. You can also choose from over 5000 free theme’s from, or purchase a premium WordPress from developers found on ThemeForest . Not only is using a good, easy-to-use CMS important, but finding the a reliable Web host with A+ customer service is too. I highly recommend to all of my clients. They make using WordPress even easier.

Choose Green

They make having a WordPress website easy!

Excellent customer support and service 24/7
Affordable and reliable!

After you sign up for GreenGeeks webhosting, you will have access to your cPanel. This is where you will find Softaculous. It’s an application installer that automates setting up various management systems such as WordPress and its database after just a few pieces of information is filled in by yourself.

GreenGeeks login panel

Step 1: Sign into your Green Geeks account.

Then, look for the blue cPanel button under Quick Server Login


Step 2: Open the Softaculous App Installer
-> Scroll down to the Softaculous Apps installer section
-> Click on WordPress
-> From the Softaculous script window, click the blue “Install Now” button in the description.


Step 3: Install WordPress
This action will start the installation process setup of the most recent version of WordPress available.
It will ask you to fill in some information in a few sections on this page.

Install Wordpress

-> Fill in the Software setup, Site settings, Admin account and other fields.

Software Setup

Choose the version you want to install – This field is probably already filled in.
Choose Protocol – If your site has SSL, then please choose the HTTPS protocol.

http://   or https://

Choose Domain – Please choose the domain to install the software. This may already show your domain name. For example

In Directory – The directory is relative to your domain and should not exist. e.g.

To install at just type dir.
To install only in   leave this field empty.

Site Settings

Site Name
Site Description

Admin Account
Admin Username – Never use the default “Admin”username. Choose something different. Hackers will try this first. If correct, they are half way to logging into your WP Dashboard

Admin Password – Choose a strong password. min 8 digits long alpha-numeric with symbols.

Admin Email – Type in your email

Choose a language

-> Optionally fill in Advanced settings
-> Choose any WordPress theme in the list. You can choose more later after the setup.
-> Click the blue “Install” button on the bottom middle of the screen.
-> This will install WordPress in the directory you told it to, plus set up the required database.

Softaculous will then analyze your information and settings while installing the WordPress CMS onto your website.
After the installation is complete, Softaculous will give you a couple of links. One is the URL of your new website while the other is the admin address.

Click the link next to “Administrative URL” to visit the login screen and access your site.
This will look similar to, for example:
Bookmark this URL for easy login and access at a later date.

Softaculous will also email you the login details so that you can immediately login to your WordPress dashboard.

Choose Green

They make having a WordPress website easy!

Excellent customer support and service 24/7
Affordable and reliable!