How to update my WordPress plugins

If you have a WordPress Website, you most likely have some WordPress plugins that were also installed to work along with your WordPress Theme. If the plugin is a good one, it will have regular updates to keep up with the continuous WordPress version updates. Keeping your WordPress plugins up-date along with your WordPress version will ensure that your Website is performing at its best.

Caution! Update your WordPress version with care. Some of your plugins may not work with the newest WordPress version.

How do you know if you have plugin updates available?

Login to your WordPress Dashboard.
Click on Dashboard (leftnav)
Click on Updates. Note you may see a number in a red circle. This indicates that you have updates available.

WordPress Dashboard Updates

Next, view the list of updates available.
For each one, it will tell you if the plugin is compatible with your installed version of WordPress and whether its compatible with the newest version of WordPress. In the illustration below, it show both plugins are compatible with WordPress 4.7

How to start the plugin(s) update process?

You can either tick the “Select All” box and press the grey button called “Update plugins” to update all of your plugins at once. Or do them one by one.
I like to do them one by one, so that I can confirm that each have completely updated and been reinstalled. Sometimes, if you do them all at once there can be a delay or your server may time-out. Then, you will not know which plugins completed their updates.

Plugin updates available

While the Plugin is being updated you will be presented with a status page. It will let you know when its complete.

Plugin update status


If you have questions about your plugins or would like help updating them, please contact me.
If you have my monthly or quarterly service plan, then these updates are done for you as part of the service.