What is the name of my website’s database?

Which database does my WordPress website use?

what is the name of my database

Knowing the name of your database, it’s location on your web host and how to make a backup copy of it can be useful information to have about your Website. It’s important to know which database your WordPress website uses, especially if you have multiple databases on your Web host and need to make a backup.

What is the name of my WordPress Database?
You can view the name of your website in the wp-config.php file found in your main directory. You can access this file by FTP, by logging into your Web host and viewing your files or by viewing the files included in a previous backup zip file that may have been given to you. The code for the name of the database in the wp-config.php file looks something similar to this:


/** The name of the database for WordPress */
define(‘DB_NAME’, ‘juliesdb_nl_db4’);


Note: If you are a client of mine and use my monthly or quarterly Website maintenance service plan, then you can find the wp-config.php file in the latest manual backup zip file I have sent you.

Where can I find my WordPress Database?
Your database is stored and hosted on your Web host server, in most cases. To access it, you must login to your web host account. From there, most web host companies offer an area called a cPanel where you can explore the tools and parts of your Website. You will want to look for something called PHPAdmin.

login cpanel
php myadmin

Click on MyPhp Admin. It will open a new window showing you your database(s). This is where you can manage your databases.

PHP MyAdmin view

How can I make a copy of my WordPress Database?

  1. Hover over and select your database from the left side menu.
  2. Click on Export, found in the top bar (see image above).
  3. Choose an Export method. I recommend “Quick”.
  4. Press the “Go” button.
  5. Save the zip file to your computer or folder where you have your backups.
Export DB

If you need help with finding your database name or location, contact me.
I’m happy to help.