How to pay your Green Geeks yearly web hosting invoice

1.) You will receive an email from Green Geeks 1 month before the due date.

Green Geeks email

NOTE: If you do nothing, Green Geeks will try to use the payment method on hand to auto bill you 1 day before the due date. If this is unsuccessful or you want to pay in a different manner, you must login before this date and pay the invoice yourself.

2.) Login to your Green Geeks to view your invoices. To do so, in the upper right corner under your ID and name, use the drop down arrow to view your options. Click “Billing”.

Green Geeks Billing

3.) Click on the green ‘View invoice” beside the unpaid invoice that you wish to view and pay.

Green Geeks invoices due

4.) Click on the green “Pay now” button in the upper right. A pop up box will appear where you can choose which payment method you want to use.

Green Geeks payment choices box