What is the difference between hosting and a domain name?

Did you know that a domain name and web hosting are two different things?

"What exactly is a domain name?

Think of a domain name as the unique address for your website on the internet. Just like how you have a home address to locate your house, a domain name allows visitors to find your website online. It could be the name of your business, organization, or even your personal brand. The key requirement is that it hasn’t been claimed by someone else, as each domain name is one-of-a-kind. When you register a domain, it’s yours for at least a year.

Each domain name also comes with an extension, known as the Top-Level Domain (TLD), which often indicates a country. For instance, .be signifies Belgium, but there are other common extensions like .nl, .org, .com, and so on. The domain name for this website is  www.juewels.com

Now, what's hosting?

Web Hosting or simply hosting involves having space on a central computer, known as a server, where your website resides (lives). With hosting, your website finds its home on the internet. Typically, a web hosting package includes domain name registration, a SSL certificate and usually matching email addresses, the quantity varying based on the package selected. We highly recommend Green Geeks.com as a great web hosting company.