A must have security plugin for your WordPress Website

All in one WP Security

You hear the terms in the news almost everyday…. Hackers, Spammers, Bots, Malware, etc. But can it really happen to you? YES, it can happen to any size company or blog Website. Whether its an actual person trying to login to your Website Website and files or an automatic Bot, the intent happens everyday to WordPress Websites likes yours and mine.

I recently turned on the option to be notified when someone or something tries to login to my WordPress websites with valid or invalid ID’s. I was shocked to know that how many login attempts happens each day. Luckily, my web hosting provider offers special protection against such malicious attacks and I have security plugs to help. One WordPress security plugin I found very easy to use and with many free, pprotective options is All in One WP Security by Tips & Tricks HQ. Download and install it today if you don’t already have a security plugin on your WordPress Website. And be sure to keep a current backup of your Website files and database.

If you have questions on how to download it or would like to have help, contact me.