August 28, 2017


Juewels Website Design & Services offers a wide variety of Website services for small business and group Websites. Many WordPress Website maintenance services can be combined with a monthly or quarterly service contract. Other work completed is charged at a low hourly. Invoices are sent out once per month and the final project invoice, on the project completion date. See Rates for more details.

Your WordPress website has regular updates that need to be installed and updated safely. These include updates for plugins, themes, and WordPress versions. Not all plugins will work or are compatible with the newest WordPress versions or other plugins. Should you make an update and it breaks your website, you will need be able to go back to a previous version from one of your Website back ups. Or reinstall a previous working item. Also your PHP version needs to be regularly updated on the host server cPanel.

My services include:

    • Monitoring your WordPress version updates, plugin updates and theme updates.
    • Updating them at least 1 time per service period.
    • Make a full manual backup of your Website files and DB 1 time per service period (either monthly or quarterly).
    • Service also includes time included for me to help you with your website for misc updates. Either 30 or 60 mins per time period


30 mins per month
€17/mo €204/yr
(€17 paid monthly)

60 mins per month
€39/mo €468/yr
(€39 paid monthly)


30 mins per quarter
€17/qtr €68/yr
(€17 paid quarterly)

60 mins per quarter
€39/qtr €156/yr
(€39 paid quarterly)

Would you like to change your Webhost provider? Are they charging you too much? Perhaps they don’t provide the 24/7 customer service you need? Or maybe they don’t have the space, speed and security your Website requires.

Moving a Website and all of its contents to a new web hosting provider can be challenging for the non-techie. Although some web host providers will provide a free service, you still need to do a bit of work yourself and have some technical knowledge to manage the process.

If you have a Website that needs to be moved, Juewels Website Design & Services can help you choose a new Web host (if needed), transfer your domain name (if needed) and move your entire Website to its new location. Call or email to set up a free intake appointment to discuss the process and get a quote.

In July 2018 Google Chrome will notify website users they are on non secure websites (http). Also, websites will lose their rankings in Google if they are not secure (https). I can help you select the best SSL certificate option for your Website/Webhost. There are FREE options available, otherwise you can plan to spend 50,00 +Euros per year on a SSL certificate. One first needs to purchase the certificate, then it needs to be installed on the web host server, then your WordPress Website URL needs to be updated.

Whether you are setting up a new Website or already have an existing Website, its always best to use a professional looking email for your business or group. This means its should be [email protected]  and NOT  [email protected]

Juewels Website Design & Services can help you set up the necessary emails your require and connect them with your personal emails you may already use and want to keep. POP3 is a fantastic way to forward all your incoming business e-mail to one spot, such as Google Gmail. In this one spot you can continue to read your normal email and view/respond to business email.