Juewels Website Design & Services offers a wide variety of Website services for small business and groups. Many WordPress Website maintenance (beheer) services can be combined with a monthly or quarterly service contract. Other work completed is charged at a low hourly rate.  See Rates for more details.

pencil drawing new website design

New Website Design

Need a small business website that is beautiful, mobile friendly, SEO and easy to use?.

Wrench screw drive icon website maintenance

Website Maintenance

Your WordPress website has regular updates that need to be installed and updated safely.

paint roller website renovate

Website Renovation

Bring new life to an outdated website. Keep your same domain name, but get a new website.

moving van move website

Move your Website

Would you like to change your Webhost provider? Are they charging you too much? Perhaps they don’t provide the 24/7 customer service?

wrench - website tuneup

Website Tune-up

It’s recommended by WordPress to update your WordPress version, theme and plugins at least 4 times a year to avoid to security vulnerabilities.

Envelope email acct setup

Email Accounts Setup

Your emails need to look professional. It’s always best to use an email for your business or group that matches your website.

Legos Wordpress theme setup

WordPress Theme Set-up

Did you buy a paid WordPress theme, but are having a bit of trouble setting it up?

SEO consulting

SEO Consulting

Search Engine Optimization is very important for your website if you want organic traffic.

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