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Whether you are setting up a new Website or already have an existing Website, its always best to use a professional looking email for your business or group. This means it should be [email protected] and NOT [email protected]

Juewels can help you set up the necessary emails you require and help you connect them to your email inbox using IMAP or POP3. The connection to  your mailbox server can be to your mobile devices, tablets and third-party email clients, such as Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail and Mozilla Thunderbird.

POP3 is a good way to forward all your incoming business e-mail to one spot, such as Google G-mail. In this one spot you can continue to read your normal email and view/respond to business email. IMAP is a perfect option to view and manage your business emails with an instant connection to the mail server. And you can use it on multiple device locations.

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(Post Office Protocol)
With POP3 your email is downloaded as you view each message on your email client such as G-mail or Hotmail. This protocol is typically used by those who only want to access their messages from one client on a particular device. The main difference between IMAP and POP3 is how and where your emails are stored.


(Internet Messaging Access Protocol)
Your messages are stored on a remote email server. You can log in via multiple email clients on computers or mobile device and read the same messages. All changes made in the mailbox will be synced across multiple devices and messages will only be removed from the server if you delete the email.

Service includes:

    • Create new email accounts on your Web host’s email server
    • Create email forwarders
    • Send you the correct email server configurations
    • Help you set up POP3 on your device or computer
    • Help you set up IMAP on your device or computer

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