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Would you like to change your Webhost provider? Are they charging you too much? Perhaps they don’t provide the 24/7 customer service you need? Or maybe they don’t have the space, speed and security your Website requires.

Moving a Website and all of its contents to a new web hosting provider can be challenging for the non-techie. Although some web host providers will provide a free service, you still need to do a bit of work yourself and have some technical knowledge to manage the process.

If you have a Website that needs to be moved, Juewels Website Design & Services can help you choose a new Web host (if needed), transfer your domain name (if needed) and move your entire Website to its new location. Call or email to set up a free intake appointment to discuss the process and get a quote.

Let's move WordPress website today!

Starting saving money and start using a new web host company for your Website. We can recommend one for you or you can choose your own. Either way, it's most important to have one that provides 24/7 real person support, secure servers and is easy to manage.

Service includes:

  • Recommend and help you choose a new Web host, if needed.
    Green Geeks is our #1 recommended Web host to use. Leading the pack with excellent 24/7 customer service, secure servers, reasonable prices and eco-friendly.
  • Back up your current website.
    Before your website is moved, a full off-site back up of it and its database will be made. Note: We will need c-Panel & FTP access to your current web host. If you don’t know this, we can help you find the information.
  • Move your Website to the new Web host.
    Your Website files & database will be zipped up and transferred to your new Web host via SFTP/FTP. Note: Access to your cPanel and FTP on your new Web host is required.
  • Move or park you domain name on your new web host
    Your domain name either needs to live on the same server (web host) as your web site or we need to point your domain name to the new web host’s server. (DNS) The domain name will need to be registered under your name so we can move it.
  • Test Website and make any necessary changes or adjustments.
    After your website files and DB are moved, and the domain name is pointing to the correct server, then we will test that your website is working.
  • Liaison between your Web hosts to complete the move.
    We will take care of the technical details. We may need to ask you a few questions during the process. We will need login access to both hosts.

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3 Quick, Easy Steps!

  • Step 1 – Make contact with us via email or phone.
  • Step 2 – We will discuss your options.
  • Step 3 – Send us your WordPress, Web host cPanel & FTP details so that we can begin immediately.

Pay after your service is completed. We will send you an invoice.

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