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Your WordPress website has regular updates that need to be installed and updated safely. According to WordPress.org WordPress Site Maintenance can include updates for plugins, themes, and WordPress versions. Not all plugins will work or are compatible with the newest WordPress versions or other plugins. Should you make an update and it breaks your website, you will need be able to go back to a previous version from one of your Website back ups. Or reinstall a previous working item. Also your PHP version needs to be regularly updated on the host server cPanel.

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30 mins per month
€20/mo €240/yr
(€20 paid monthly)

60 mins per month
€40/mo €480/yr
(€40 paid monthly)


30 mins per quarter
€20/qtr €80/yr
(€20 paid quarterly)

60 mins per quarter
€40/qtr €120/yr
(€40 paid quarterly)

Services include:

    • Service includes 30 or 60 mins to help you with various tasks on your website.
    • Make Full off-site backups of your Website files and DB 1 time per service period (either monthly or quarterly). A backup zip file will be emailed to you for safe keeping.
    • Monitor and update your WordPress version, plugins and themes at least 1 time per service period.
    • Monitor and safely update your PHP version on the web host server
    • Monitor and take suggested actions for any severe or critical activity registered by the secure plugin.
    • Help fix Errors, Bugs, and Hacks.
    • Help update Pages / Posts – Images & Text.
    • Help suggest SEO titles and meta descriptions for pages and posts.
    • Mail or Phone Support & Consulting.
    • Add or update professional business email accounts on your email server.
    • Monitor broken links and help you fix them.
    • Be a technical speaking liaison between you and your Web host support.

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Pay at the END of the Service Period (Monthly or Quarterly).

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