May 23, 2014


Starting January 1st, 2021 our hourly rates will increase from 40 to 45 euros per hour. And our maintenance service rates will have a small increase.

Lowest Website design rates in Den Haag!

1st initial appointment/intake is FREE

Whether you have an old website that needs upgrading or want to build a new website, I’ll sit down with you to discuss your Website needs for 1 hour Gratis. We will go over what you would like to do with your website, your budget, your time-frame and then I will create a project plan with an estimated cost for you within a few days.

Hourly rates – €45 per hour or €20 half hour (plus 21% tax)

I charge a flat rate of €45 an hour for Website maintenance, emergency updates and content management services with a minimum of 1/2 hour charged for any update. If you have a few updates to be made, its best to combine them together. If you shop around, you will soon discover that my rates are very affordable. Most web designers charge anywhere from €45- €80 per hour.

Google My Business Verify and Setup Service Special fee €50 (plus 21% tax)

Get your business seen now by verifying your business with Google My Business and on Google Maps.

We will walk you through the entire process, plus take pictures for your business, upload them, add your business hours and connect to your website. Click this link for more information and details about our Google My Business Verify and Setup Service.

WordPress Website maintenance services (plus 21% tax)

If you’re short on time, I can help you keep your Website up-to-date with the latest plugins releases, WordPress versions and your general website updates. Website updates are measured by either 30 or 60 minutes per month or by quarter depending on how much time you think you may need my assistance. By signing up for a Webmaster service, you receive a discount off my normal hourly and 1/2 hour rates, plus free manual Website and database backups.



30 mins per month

€15/mo €180/yr

(€45 paid each quarter)

60 mins per month

€35/mo €420/yr

(€105 paid each quarter)

30 mins per quarter

€15/qtr €60/yr

(€15 paid each quarter)

60 mins per quarter

€35/qtr €140/yr

(€35 paid each quarter)

Online store setup

Please email me direct to discuss your online store needs and for a price quote. Every store setup is unique with different page requirements, number of products and payment structures.

WordPress Website Tune-up €25 (plus 21% tax)

Website design rates and tuneup

A unique aspect of WordPress and its plugins, is that they are constantly being improved and updated. This means you have the opportunity to always have a fresh looking Website with the latest tools and plugins available. But, you or your Website manager have to initiate most of the updates. They are not always automatic. I offer a tune-up service to handle these updates for you and more. It’s recommended by WordPress to update your WordPress version and plugins at least 4 times a year. Here is what a tune-up service entails:


  • Update installed WordPress pluginsYour plugins usually have updated versions available multiple times in the year.
  • Update WordPress versionKeep your Website up-to-date with a new version of WordPress. But don’t update it to the newest version until you are certain your WordPres theme and all plugins will work with that WordPress version.
  • Check for broken links and fix broken links, if any.Broken links on your Website should be immediately fixed. Your broken link plugin will send out a notice if you have broken links to fix. If you don’t already have a broken link checker plugin to check for this 24/7 then I recommend installing it.
  • Test Website and make necessary changes, if anyMaking sure your Website pages, image sliders, contact forms, online forms, are performing correctly is important. If you aren’t getting the messages being sent to you or your images are not showing, then you are losing your customers attention. I’ll make a thorough check for these aspects of your Website and make any needed adjustments.
  • Make a new back up for all WordPress files and databaseIt’s always a good idea to have a current back-up of your Website files and Database. This should be done at least 2-4 times a year to ensure safe keeping of your Website information. After the back-up is made, a copy of the zipped up files will be sent to you.